Comprehensive Vision / Eye Exams

Find the perfect prescription for your vision!

A woman sitting behind a vision exam machine

A comprehensive eye examination includes an assessment of the entire visual system from the physical shape of the eye to the status of the seeing parts of the brain. It begins with gathering your previous ocular and medical history. This is a critical step in the process and provides your doctor with clues to assist in diagnosis and treatment plans. Our skilled technicians utilize state of the art equipment to gather measurements. Your doctor will perform a thorough examination and discuss a plan to assist you with your visual and ocular health needs.

A man getting his eye examined

Your examination may take up to two yours. Please allow adequate time in your schedule. We ask that you bring your current glasses and/or contact lenses as well as a complete list of the medications you take regularly. Dilating drops are routinely used that may temporarily blur your vision, and may cause sensitivity to sunlight. We strongly recommend you not drive immediately after your pupils have been dilated. We suggest that you bring a driver if at all possible.